Author: Jarrod

Digital Signage for a Vet

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It was time for the Jones’s family pets to have their annual vaccinations. All three large dogs were put in the car and taken to the nearest vet. At the Vet the dogs arrived with the family and waited eagerly. There in the corner of the room was a large digital sign installed and Managed […]

The Hairdresser

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It was time for Mrs Sandler’s monthly haircut. She gently sat in the luxurious chair as the assistant started washing her hair. The water gently washed over the back of her head as the assistant lathered the shampoo in circular motions. It was quite a stressful time for Mrs Sandler. Her daughter was getting married […]

How a digital sign could work in a dentist’s waiting room

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It was time for Mr. Jones’ annual dentist appointment. As he arrived at the waiting room, he politely told the receptionist that he had arrived and sat down to read a magazine. The magazine was quite boring, and he couldn’t focus. Mr. Jones sat up and noticed something new that caught his eye. The dentist […]