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In-store Marketing in a World of Coronavirus

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You might think we’re out of our minds, or desperate, or both, to want to sell you our in-store marketing solutions, when many companies cannot even afford to pay salaries in this time of crisis. There is method in the madness. The only way you are going to be able to grow again is to […]

Why not use a USB to Update your TV screens?

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TVs are becoming very popular in businesses. Most businesses use a USB to plug into the USB port of the TV screen. Most new TV screens have a USB port, so why not use it? Why use a more expensive media player? The typical use of a USB or flash drive is someone will create […]

A managed digital sign

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We see many TVs and video screens at many businesses and offices. Most of them are unmanaged. It could be that someone installed a screen in the business and thought it would be a good idea to use for adverttising. They found some images or a video clip and used a flash drive which they […]

Digital Signs in a Fast Food Environment

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How do you get customers to decide to buy from your outlet, rather than the one next door to you? One way is to ensure your branding looks better, that the food you supply looks more appetizing. Some outlets use light boards – a poster illuminated from behind. Sure, it works, is catchy will entice […]