So, the question is, could or would digital signage work for your business, and the answer either way is YES

Professional digital signage solutions are replacing outdated printed media for small to medium enterprises, franchises, retailers as well as corporate companies.  Digital signage ensure that your clients are always up to date about any specials or promotions in store as well as brand awareness. With your digital signage screens allowing for both images and videos to be displayed, your clients are never watching old content.

The ability to remotely update your content makes it easy and convenient. Digital signage has also proven to play a part with communicating to your staff in your buildings by conveying important messages and notices.


ET Digital will source and supply the screens required for your digital signage or as a client you would provide your own screens.


Our digital signage solutions are available to all industries (check out our gallery page for videos).


With cost being the most important factor for most companies when it comes to digital signage, our cloud based management system is not just affordable ( yes we know everyone says that). It is also flexible. Our clients are billed on a month to month basis.