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At  ET Digital, our Digital Signage/Screens services and solutions are suitable to all types of businesses  from small to medium enterprises as well as blue chip and corporate companies.

With Digital Signage you are able to display various promotions and in store specials on your screens and monitors .

Your content can be updated remotely and there is no need to spend extra money on printing brochures and pamphlets when there is a mistake.

Digital Signage allows any business whether small or large to create their own TV Channel that is not just engaging but also entertaining for your clients.


So, how do you go about  setting up your in store Digital Signage Solution? Well , see that TV screen you have in store that is turned off or playing the same old show over and over again! Why not turn that into your own in store TV Channel that can display relevant information and content not just to your clients but staff as well.

With our Digital Signage Solution we are able to manage a single screen or multiple screens across the country. One of the benefits of having Digital Signage is that we are able to remotely update and change your content within minutes.

We see many TVs and video screens at many businesses and offices. Most of them are unmanaged. It could be that someone installed a screen in the business and thought it would be a good idea to use for advertising. They found some images or a video clip and used a flash drive which they connected to the screen. It was instantly a wonderful addition to point of sale marketing.

The business owner or manager loved the idea, and the Digital Signage was topical. Some enterprising businesses went a step further and installed a video recorder or even DSTV. The video recorder gave high quality video. Playing a program through your DSTV decoder was also a good idea, particularly if it was tuned to the news or a popular football match.

Over time the same content on the flash drive was beginning to get boring. The manager found he did not have the time or skills to redo the images, so the same old advert was seen by customers month-in month-out. The same video kept playing too. Even if the manager was able to change the images or video he would have had the hassle of uploading it to the flash drive or video recorder.

It’s not a big deal to do this, but when you have a hundred other things to do, this becomes an effort.

So, what can the ET Digital Signage managed service do for you? We know how useful Digital Signage can be at point of sale or for customer knowledge. Business conditions evolve quickly and the screen should be the first point that gets updated. If you are going to open late tomorrow due to stock take, let your customers know today.

If it is a holiday or special day, let your customers know what special offers you have, for example Valentines Day, Mothers Day. With Digital Signage all of the above is easily and remotely managed and updated.

How is it going to work? We will update your images, or remind you to, maybe via your ad agency.

Every month we’ll give you ideas, if necessary meet with you and help you make a calendar of activities for your Digital Signage screens.

Since we can remotely update your screens it is a matter of a telephone call or email to instruct us on your preferences. With Digital Signage we can plan and set up a schedule so it happens automatically.

A managed service for multiple screens in an office or business can go further than this. We can update all screens with the same information. A business with multiple branches may want the same images, eg special offers to be shown at all branches, or maybe limited to one area or region.

So, if you are currently a company looking for more information regarding digital signage solutions in Johannesburg, why not contact us today

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