The Hairdresser

It was time for Mrs Sandler’s monthly haircut. She gently sat in the luxurious chair as the assistant started washing her hair. The water gently washed over the back of her head as the assistant lathered the shampoo in circular motions.

It was quite a stressful time for Mrs Sandler. Her daughter was getting married in a few weeks and she was unsure of who was going to do her daughter’s hair for the wedding.

Once Mrs Sandler’s hair had been washed, she sat quietly and patiently. Pondering what to do about her daughter’s wedding.

Just then, Mrs Sandler saw a Digital Sign that had been installed by ET Digital. It had all sorts of interesting promotions, tips on how to look after your hair. Mrs Sandler was watching the screen enthralled and mesmerized.

There on the last slide was something that Mrs Sandler needed. The hair dresser was offering to travel to the bride’s house to create a wonderful hair style for the wedding.

This Mrs Sandler didn’t know about. If it wasn’t for the Digital Sign installed and managed by ET Digital the opportunity would have been missed and Mrs Sandler would have go to another hair dresser somewhere else.

Once Mrs Sandler’s hair was completed, she booked to have the special wedding service for her daughter.

Feeling happy and looking great Mrs Sandler was smiling all the way to the car.

The hairdresser was also feeling great because he had secured an awesome job and was very happy with his new investment. A digital sign from ET Digital.

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