Digital Signs in a Fast Food Environment

How do you get customers to decide to buy from your outlet, rather than the one next door to you? One way is to ensure your branding looks better, that the food you supply looks more appetizing. Some outlets use light boards – a poster illuminated from behind. Sure, it works, is catchy will entice customers. Other outlets use digital signs. It look the same, and with high definition screens has the same or better quality than any printed poster.

A digital sign can do so much more that the poster. It can display the same image, but can also display video – moving images. When a poster has reached its sell-by date, some one has to design a new poster, get it printed and then installed in the frame where the old one was located. A digital sign can be managed remotely and new images or videos uploaded immediately. Not only is it faster, with less hassle, but after the first couple of posters that need printing it will save a lot of money.

In addition a digital screen can display multiple images in sequence. You are not limited to one image like one poster. The best part though is images and vidoes and be scheduled at display at particular times. A breakfast menu and breakfast items can be displayed until 11:00, a lunch menu from 11:00 to 14:00 and dinner thereafter. Images can be changed for certain dates like valentines day, public holidays, different seasons.

Your outlet can have always have fresh signage.

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