In-store Marketing in a World of Coronavirus

You might think we’re out of our minds, or desperate, or both, to want to sell you our in-store marketing solutions, when many companies cannot even afford to pay salaries in this time of crisis.

There is method in the madness. The only way you are going to be able to grow again is to get your market back, and to do it fast.

You cannot easily market via newspapers or magazines – people aren’t buying.

We see the best way to grow business again is to try to sell more to existing customers, those who come through the door of your shop or business. This is in-store marketing.

Our solution is to start advertising and communicating more though TV screens you probably already have in the business.

There is a lot of useful information and advertising that you can put onto the screen. Your customers will thank you for it and spend more.

  • Details of your Covid plans and policies
    • All businesses need to have a Corona Policy. It’s way better to ask us to update a screen remotely than print a poster when policies change
  • Reminders to wash hands, sanitize, keep social distancing
  • Details of the range of products you are allowed to sell. As regulations change you want to quickly add to the list of items you are selling.
  • Prices, special offers, new items in stock
  • General information including news, weather reports, exchange rates

How we would like to help: We arrange to install a media player next to your TV screen. Thereafter we remotely upload your signs, images, videos to the screen whenever you wish. We don’t need to come into the store to make those changes. A truly remote and socially distancing solution. We can even design the content for your screens if you need assistance.

Costs in today’s economy are obviously of crucial importance to you: We charge a fixed monthly fee of R1000 excl VAT to manage your screen. For the next 3 months we are discounting this by 25% to R750 per month excl VAT. This includes supplying the media player and unlimited uploads or content. (Design of content will be extra)

We do not insist on a contract. If the solution does not work for you let us know before the end of the month and return the media player.

If you want more information or to discuss how this will improve your business, please call/email me. We can also do video meetings.

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