Merchandising using TV screens DOES work

Many companies have tried advertising/merchandising on their own TV screens in their offices or shops with huge success. That’s why more and more businesses are moving to this form of marketing.

On the other hand some businesses are adamant that they’ve tried it and it does not work. There are good reasons why it did not work.

  1. The screens are turned off.
  2. The screens are boring
  3. The screens show the same old content
  4. The screens show outdated content: wrong prices, products

Why are the screens turned off?
Usually there is no content to display. The business had a good idea to use the screens for merchandising, but it became too much of a hassle, too much work to update it. Recently we saw a screen mounted in a store gathering dust that was turned off. Worse, they had not even removed the plastic covering the screen with the logo of the manufacturer.

Why are the screens boring?
The simple answer is the screens contain nothing of substance. They need to be exciting. They need to engage the customer. They need enough images and information to make it worthwhile watching or reading what’s on the screen. If content is not updated very often, it gets boring.

Why do they show the same old content?
It takes work to put the content onto the screen. Even if you have the images and videos, the old fashioned way of updating the screens using a USB doesn’t work. Content needs to be copied onto the USB which needs to be inserted into the slot behind the screen. If the screen is mounted high up, then you need a step ladder, never mind the inconvenience to the customers.

Why do the screens show outdated content?
The answer are for the same reasons: It becomes too much of a hassle to change content and update the screens. Screens remain out of date, eg showing Christmas specials in March.

The common theme is it’s a lot of work to keep screens updated and engaging. That’s where we come in. We like doing the work! We have great technology that allows us to do the job far better, easier and efficiently. We have designed dynamic images that will guarantee that customers look at them.
If the customer looks at them, there is a far bigger chance that the customer will purchase what they see.

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