Would Digital Signage work for your business, and the answer is YES


Professional Digital Signage solutions are replacing outdated printed media for small to medium enterprises, franchises, retailers as well as corporate companies.  Digital Signage ensures that your clients are always up to date about any specials or promotions in store as well as brand awareness. With your digital signage screens allowing for both images and videos to be displayed, your clients are never watching old content.

The ability to remotely update your content makes it easy and convenient. Digital signage has also proven to play a part with communicating to your staff in your buildings by conveying important messages and notices.

So what exactly do we do and how do we ensure your Digital Signage displays and screens are always up to date.

We provide , manage and install a media player at your premises. We remotely upload the content supplied by you to your various TV screens to display content on your digital signage screens and displays. We are able to design or modify images to the correct resolutions to ensure they are correctly displayed. Our graphic department is able to create videos through the use of of our in house media room and equipment. Many businesses find it to time consuming to design images consistently. Our role is to be is not just to ensure your digital signage is always up to date but also to be proactive, stimulate ideas and assist in ensuring your content is uploaded at the correct time.

Our managed services include the following and are not limited to :

Remotely managing the system and content. Uploading of content. Setting up schedule for when your content needs to be displayed. Uploading trending notifications or news.

We are able to upload live currency and weather feeds as well. The above are all examples of how we can ensure your digital signage and displays are not just kept up to date , but also engaging to your clients.

With cost being the most important factor for most companies when it comes to digital signage, our cloud based management system is not just affordable ( yes we know everyone says that). It is also flexible.

Our clients are billed on a month to month basis.