Does Point of Purchase advertising work?

This is virtually a rhetorical question. Do you ever pick up a chocolate or ice cream or extra packets of chips or other item while shopping or waiting in line to pay? Of course! Everyone has.

If the shop had no advertising or merchandising at all, would you even go into it?
No! It would not even exist. Point of purchase advertising, or merchandising can be the actual products displayed. It could be printed signs and posters. It could also be a video or TV screen displaying videos or images of the various products or services you are offering.

Why a Screen?
– Screens have far more impact than a printed sign
– Animated images/video has even more impact
– One point of purchase screen will display multiple images
– Screens can be changed almost instantly – remotely as opposed to a printed poster or sign.
– If you sell umbrellas and the forecast is for rain, your screen can quickly be changed to remind customers to buy an umbrella. You can even have the weather forecast included in the display of the screen!
– Images on a screen can be set to display at certain times of the day and certain days of the week or month.

Your monthly cost for running the screen will be lower than printing new posters of signs and changing it on demand because we do it all for you.