Digital Signage for a Vet

It was time for the Jones’s family pets to have their annual vaccinations. All three large dogs were put in the car and taken to the nearest vet.

At the Vet the dogs arrived with the family and waited eagerly.

There in the corner of the room was a large digital sign installed and Managed by ET Digital. On the sign was a whole array of interesting information. The Jones’s kids watched as multiple displays of video’s, tips on how to look after your dog and much more was put on display on the screen.

On one of the screens was an advert for pet sitting services. Mrs Jones’s had been worried about her beloved dogs as the family was going on holiday soon and she didn’t have anyone to look after the dogs.

Mrs Jones went up to the reception area and inquired about the pet sitting services she saw on the screen that was supplied and Managed by ET Digital.

Mrs Jones was feeling happy and the Vet was also feeling happy as the investment on their new Digital Sign by ET Digital had brought in some extra business.

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