Happy customers spend more

People walk past your shop. They glance inside. They’ve probably walked past the shop many times. If they see something interesting they will stop and see what is there. If interesting enough they’ll come through the door.

They’ll look inside. The look and feel of the shop and the merchandise will make them stop and consider a purchase. They may read a price, or see a special offer. If there is enough to excite them, they’ll spend money.

Imagine a big TV screen on your wall. It’s showing exciting images and videos about the store. It’s showing pictures of your products. It’s not a boring static image like a poster. Multiple pictures and videos are always showing. It enough to make the passerby look twice. If anyone is in the shop, it will enough them to watch and see what you are offering.

What is better? An empty wall or a screen showing coffee or pizza or clothing or paint.

Which is better? An empty wall or a screen showing all your offerings or specials, or what to do with them or how good it will make the customer feel?

Even if they intended buying something when they came into the shop, our aim is to encourage them to spend more. A happy, informed customer will spend more.

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