How a digital sign could work in a dentist’s waiting room

It was time for Mr. Jones’ annual dentist appointment. As he arrived at the waiting room, he politely told the receptionist that he had arrived and sat down to read a magazine.

The magazine was quite boring, and he couldn’t focus. Mr. Jones sat up and noticed something new that caught his eye.

The dentist had put up an interesting new screen.

It had tips on how to brush your teeth properly. It had tips on how to floss correctly. It had beautiful pictures of the latest technology in oral care. It had tips on what foods to eat to protect your teeth. It had specials on the latest electric tooth brushes. It had an elegant snippet of the latest medical aid policy and it had a short video of an interesting method to care for your teeth that Mr. jones had never heard about before.

The screen had kept Mr. Jones mesmerized for a few minutes until he heard the words.

“Mr. Jones”, the dentist is ready for you.

As Mr. jones was led into the dentist rooms he remarked. “I was watching your screen in your waiting room. I see that the latest electric tooth brush is out now. Could I please place an order?”

Digital signage is a dynamic display screen that can be used in your office, shop, waiting room or anywhere people visit. Having a digital sign can be used to effectively communicate a message through video and images.

It is possible to use a digital sign to educate people, notify people and promote products from your business.

This was an example of how a digital sign could be practically used in a dentist’s waiting room.